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   About Us...

We are an electronic commerce-based company (make money using web sites).  Possessing the knowledge and technical ability to help you and your business make the transition into the World Market.

Key West is a unique business platform in that its client base is also on the World Market.  The Internet is a cost-effective way to contact and transact with this World Market and its clientele.

With the instability of the usual "search engines" and the pollution of their databases from tons of pornography, get-rich-quick-scheme sites, and questionable business practices sites, using the normal search engines as a source for driving traffic to your Key West web site is not an attractive or effective method.

Approximately two-years ago we decided it was time to take action.  It has come in the form of Key West Search.  Using the search engine methodology for web surfers to find the web sites they wish to see is still an excellent way to get hits to your web site.  It is the current conditions of the usual search engines that creates the problem.  We have built our search engine using the original concepts of existing search sites: no pornography, when you search for "accommodations" you do not get 10,000 links to sites that have no relevancy to the topic you wish to find, and the sites listed in our databases and displayed to the site searcher are in Key West.

"How do you make money if your search engine services are free?"  Very simply, when people begin to realize we have the content and search results that actually give the surfer or potential Key West Tourist the information they desire, Key West Search will rapidly become the search engine to use to find anything in Key West.  This equates to a high-traffic rate on our site.  High-traffic means a lot of people using the site, a lot people means advertising becomes a very attractive and cost-effective method to tell potential customers about your company, products, and services.  This advertising takes the form of ad banners on our web site and we charge for these ad banners.  Be sure to explore how you can get your ad banner today!

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