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To be accepted for inclusion into the Key West Search search engine database you must meet and agree to the following policy:

Key West Search 

  1. The web site being submitted for inclusion in our databases must relate to or be about a real business, person, place, or thing physically located in Key West, Florida, USA. (That includes the adjoining Stock Island that usually is referred to as being in Key West.)

  2. The web site may not be about, promote or conduct an activity and/or business considered illegal by any law enforcement agency in the United States.

  3. No web site containing pornography will be entered into the search engine databases.  No judgments are being made on the materials, the ban is simply to provide a database that may be seen by a younger viewer.  This shall also include any web site promoting, selling, or providing any sexually explicit services or materials.  We will, as best we can, follow the standards set by the Key West and Florida Keys communities in determining which sites are not acceptable in this area.

  4. Key West Search reserves the right to reject any web site presented for inclusion into its databases for any reason at anytime.  Further, reserves the right to remove any web sites for any reason, at anytime.  

  5. A web site will be rejected and not included in our databases if any spamming or other improper attempts to gain listing advantage is found or suspected.  If you are not sure what these practices are then send e-mail to:   webmaster@keywestsearch.com.
    requesting your site be inspected prior to submission for inclusion in our databases.  We will be happy to assist you in this manner.

  6. Any web sites suspected of participating in any other unacceptable web promotion activities or tactics, such as, but not limited to: mouse trapping, site jacking, meta tag auto-forwarding to a second site not acceptable, hyperlinks on your web site that lead to sites not acceptable under our policy, improperly functioning sites, sites "not found" at time of the Key West Search staff inspection, harmful sites, sites that employ excessive "pop-up" pages, inflammatory sites, sites that promote or display content that can be considered discriminatory or offensive as to race, sex, religion, creed, National origin, or sexual preference, political belief, or any other area that may be inflammatory or disturbing to any group of web site viewers.

  7. The submitter of a web site for inclusion in our databases must have the authority to do so and must provide an active and legitimate e-mail address.  (Note: all information supplied to us is confidential, as to identity and e-mail address.  We will use the information only for our purposes and never sell or reveal this information to anyone else for the express purpose of gain. The e-mail addresses will be checked.)

  8. You may request the removal of your web site from our databases at any time.  Send removal request to:  webmaster@keywestsearch.com.

  9. You web site entry will be deleted if it is found not to be an inactive web site, i.e. if a "NOT FOUND" message is received in our regular reviews of our databases for dead links.  You may update your websites' entries, whether the description, keywords, address, etc. at any time at no cost.  Simply send an e-mail to:   webmaster@keywestsearch.com.
    with the new information. (Note: all information supplied to us is confidential, as to identity and e-mail address.  We will use the information only for our purposes and never sell or reveal this information to anyone else for the express purpose of gain.)

  10. No web sites will be given advantage in the order of its listing.  The order will either be random, alphabetical, and/or by category

  11. Key West Search cannot and will not be held responsible nor liable for any damage or loss, of any kind, due to the listing of the web site(s) in its databases.  Every reasonable effort will be made to keep our web sites up and properly functioning, but due to the nature of the media this cannot be warranted nor guaranteed in anyway.  Understand we will work to be as efficient and functional at all times, but we cannot be held liable in anyway if this fails to occur.  We will, at all times, work to resolve any difficulties and will work with you to resolve any problems you may encounter, simply let us know what your problems or difficulties are at: webmaster@keywestsearch.com.

  12. Submission of your web site(s) for inclusion into our databases is your agreement to the foregoing policies and will be considered your commitment and agreement to adhere to these statements and policies.  Further, your submission(s) indicates your approval and agreement not to hold us criminally or civilly liable or responsible for anything at anytime and further indicates your agreement not to attempt to do so in any manner.


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